The 2013 Halperns' Show!

Once again, we were delighted to participate in this year's Halperns' Show, held at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The show drew 40% higher attendance over last year with nearly 80 vendors on hand to share their tasty foods.

The venue was stunning.

And attendance was impressive.

And the food... did we mention the food? Hobbs' displayed an array of samplings... Bacon, Tasso Ham, Bresaola, Capocolla, Soppressata, & Proscuitto.

And our own Kim Huynh was on hand, adding his own personal touch, for which he is so well known.

Did we mention bacon?

San Fran fundraiser serves Hobb's Smoked Bacon

Local Purveyors featured in brunch menu for the President

Getty/AFP Photo/Jewel Samad

With a recent April 4 dateline, the Inside Scoop published a story we're pleased to share. At a major area fundraiser, Hobbs' Applewood Smoked Bacon was featured as part of the exclusive brunch menu. The culinary spotlight was on locally grown and produced foods. Margaret Teskey, of Taste Catering & Event Planning, organized the special brunch. Guest of  honor: President Barack Obama.

Flavor! Napa Valley® Welcome Dinner

A fine occasion at the Welcome Dinner at the Silverado Resort & Spa!

With a stellar gathering of fine chefs, we could not be more proud that Chef Jeffrey Jake prepared hors d'oeuvres with Hobbs'. The featured item was "Braised Hobbs’ Pork Belly with Spiced Pineapple Quince, Agrodulce Pomegranate Syrup".

And of course, that was just the beginning of a fine evening, on November 15, benefiting the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

Here's a bit of the menu offering:

Grand Time at Halperns' Show in Atlanta

It was a good day!

Last Tuesday, we participated in the 2nd Annual Halperns' Food, Wine and Spirits Show in Atlanta. With wall-to-wall food selections and over 1,000 in attendance, we proudly presented a showing of Hobbs' proscuitto, bressoala, soppressata, and a variety of salami.

We took command of the set-up... and began with preparing the booth area. Shown here: Richard Higgenbottom, President of Hobbs', and Kim Huyhn, Operations Manager.

Then, course, lots of food preparation.

 And finally, almost ready for the doors to open.

Here, the beautiful setting in the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest. And with a full hall of chefs, restaurantuers and over 52 vendors.... it was a great day.