Grand Time at Halperns' Show in Atlanta

It was a good day!

Last Tuesday, we participated in the 2nd Annual Halperns' Food, Wine and Spirits Show in Atlanta. With wall-to-wall food selections and over 1,000 in attendance, we proudly presented a showing of Hobbs' proscuitto, bressoala, soppressata, and a variety of salami.

We took command of the set-up... and began with preparing the booth area. Shown here: Richard Higgenbottom, President of Hobbs', and Kim Huyhn, Operations Manager.

Then, course, lots of food preparation.

 And finally, almost ready for the doors to open.

Here, the beautiful setting in the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest. And with a full hall of chefs, restaurantuers and over 52 vendors.... it was a great day.